Broken Age Retail Release Coming in Spring 2015

The adventures of Vella and Shay are coming to a store near you. Developer Double Fine have partnered with Australian publisher Nordic Games for a retail release of Broken Age. The release is scheduled for Spring 2015, which would put it slightly behind the targeted “early 2015” release date for Broken Age Act 2.

This isn’t the first time the two companies have partnered with each other. Nordic Games released retail versions of PsychonautsStacking and Costume Quest in 2014. The retail version of Broken Age will also include new German voiceovers.

“With Broken Age, 2015 starts off great for aficionados of the adventure game genre,” said Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director at Nordic Games. “Our intel also suggests Germany is a veritable stronghold when it comes to pointing and clicking, hence the new German voice-overs for Broken Age make us very happy.”

“I am very excited about the retail version of Broken Age,” said Double Fine President and CEO Time Schafer. “Having a widely distributed, physical copy of the game will make it more safe from solar flares and EMP bombs and stuff like that. As long as people store their disks in fire proof safes. People do that, right?”