Nintendo, The real MVP!

Nintendo has been around now since 1889 and has been making Gaming consoles since the 1980’s. They, among the toddlers of today’s gaming world are the granddaddies of gaming, they’ve been around longer than Playstation and Xbox and have, with no doubt influenced the way that the other gaming giants make their games and their gaming machines. Without Nintendo the world of gaming of which we live in today would not be the way it is and that would be a very sad world indeed.

Nintendo have brought us games across all platforms, from racing to fighting, from adventure to puzzle, they do it all and they do it oh so well, I truly couldn’t picture this world if they hadn’t been in it. They often look as if they’re falling behind in the current gen “console wars” (such a harsh term for a competition that shouldn’t even exist, I’ll cover this topic at another time). But we seem to easily forget a time when Nintendo was the king of the winning team and was top picking for many a gamer. Back in the days when they battled Sega and their Sega Genesis against the Super Nintendo in the early 1990’s; their superiority continued throughout the 90’s but with stiffer competition when the Playstation came out in 1994. This in my eyes was the first true “console war” as it gave birth to the competition that we all see today. The days that came about from the battle that went down was immense and did such great things for gaming as we know it.

Nintendo continued to pour out top notch gaming consoles well into the early 2000’s. With the release of the N64 at end of the 90’s and the Gamecube in the early 00’s, along with the competition, came new games and expansions on their classics that have proved to be so popular then and now.
Nintendo started to slip into the background of the so called gaming “console wars” as Playstation and Xbox started to rain hell fire on their parade, but all wasn’t lost for Nintendo, they didn’t give up and die away. They carried on their own personal battles, the battle to bring top quality consoles and games to their own dedicated fan base and to that measure, they never missed a beat.

Nintendo continued to do what they had been doing since the late 80’s and powered out game after game. Still leading the way for bigger and better games, even the games of the later generation must have influenced the other big two in the gaming industry. Playstation and Xbox will have learned a lot from watching Nintendo over the years which will have inevitably led them to their own success and furthered their establishment among the gaming giants.

So again to reiterate, The world of gaming you all see around you today wouldn’t have been anything as good as it is if it wasn’t for Nintendo, and in my eyes, that makes them truly, the real MVP!