Playstation Now Subscription Service Coming January 13th

Sony announced over on the Playstation Blog that the long-awaited subscription plan will be coming to their rental/streaming service Playstation Now. The subscription option will launch on January 13th in North America.

There are two monthly subscription models. $19.99 will get you 1 month of unlimited streamed access to over 100 Playstation 3 games. $44.99 will get you 3 months, which comes out to about $15 a month.

Playstation 3 games are currently the only titles available for streaming on Playstation Now. Sony tells us there will be a 7-day free trial for the subscription program when it launches on the 13th.

Sony mentions that the service will have support at launch from “SCE Worldwide Studios, Warner Brothers, SEGA, and many others, including indie developers.” Check out this handy infographic for the “key titles:”

There’s a wide range of content here, from Bioshock Infinite to Darksiders to Spelunky. Playstation 4 owners like me who miss having access to Playstation 3 games will likely take advantage of this service. $19.99 a month is a bit steep, though, so the quality of the library and streaming will be key factors for me.

For those so inclined, you can find the full list of available games here.

Last and least, there’s a new theme available for Playstation 4 users– you guessed it, all about Playstation Now. Download it to be entered for a chance to win a free year of the Playstation Now subscription.

Anyone who wants to buy their games the old-fashioned way, sit tight for Sony’s apology for the Lizard Squad outages. This “sorry” will be coming in the form of a 10%-off coupon for the Playstation Store.

Get yourself something nice. Like Transistor.