Here’s First Teaser For Night Cry, Spiritual Sequel To Clock Tower

The Resident Evil franchise might get all the credit for inventing survival-horror back in 1996, but the Clock Tower series ranks up there as one of the most important building blocks for the genre we have today.  Check out the first live-action teaser for Night Cry, previously called Project Scissors, a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series:

There’s lots of creepy imagery here, similar to the live-action teaser of The Evil Within– another spiritual sequel to a faded survival horror franchise. Most notably, Night Cry’s teaser was directed by Takashi Shimizu, the man responsible for the immensely scary Ju-on and The Grudge series of horror films. There aren’t many coherent details in the teaser, though the foreboding atmosphere is well-established. Looks like some sort of scissor-wielding creature might be making a comeback, too.

Polygon has some more details about Night Cry. The game was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. Hifumi Kono, the series creator, will man the director’s chair. He’ll be joined by Masahiro Ito, of Silent Hill fame, and Halo 5 Guardians’ orchestrator Nobuko Toda.

Night Cry will be available for Playstation Vita and Android and iOS devices.

The original Clock Tower was released by Human Entertainment in 1995, one year before the first Resident Evil shambled onto the Playstation and changed everything. The Clock Tower series has 3 numbered entries and multiple spin-offs. Night Cry will be the first title since 2005.