Here’s The New Saudi Arabian Character In Tekken 7

The upcoming Tekken 7 will have Shaheen, a Saudi Arabian fighter, in its eclectic lineup of characters.  Here’s the revealing tweet from director Katsuhiro Harada:


Shaheen will be the Tekken series’ first Saudi Arabian character.  This is an underrepresented group in many forms of media, especially so in video games.  We’re only just now getting past the “bald angry white male soldier” phase.

Here is Shaheen in all his glory:

There’s a lot of tiny, great details in Shaheen’s design.  I particularly like the gold trim on his leather shoes, and the rings on his right hand are a nice touch, too.

Harada says he and his team worked with the Middle Eastern gaming community in the design of Shaheen.  For last year’s Tekken Revolution, the developers similarly worked with fans to create a new character.  The poll included an egg-laying salmon and a female sumo wrestler.

At the San Diego Comic-Con back in July, Harada spoke about Tekken 7.  He was light on details, but the game will feature one-on-one battles, characters from guest artists, and a “very detailed background story.”

The Tekken franchise began in 1994 with the release of the eponymous title on the first Playstation.  There have been 6 main numbered entries in the series, and a multitude of spin-off games, films, and manga adaptations.