Member Of Lizard Squad Arrested

The Daily Dot confirmed that a 22-year-old member of the hacker group Lizard Squad was arrested on Monday.  His name is Vinnie Omari, and British officers from the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit raided his home.  Omari told The Daily Dot: “they took everything.”

A press release issued earlier today confirms the arrest of a 22-year-old man on Tuesday, the 30th.

Lizard Squad is the same hacker group that claimed responsibility for the massive DDoS attack on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live, among other services.  The attack occurred around the Christmas holiday and caused outages for millions of users.

Omari posted bail on Tuesday, saying there is nothing official, but “just alleged charges.”  We’ll know more after “the forensics team gets info,” he told The Daily Dot.

At the same time, the Federal Bureau of Investigations is looking into another Lizard Squad member who goes by “ryan” or “ryanc.”  He is wanted for alleged participation in the same Christmas DDoS attack.

On Tuesday, another Lizard Squad member operating under the alias “Dragon” called the Christmas DDoS attacks a “marketing scheme” for Lizard Squad’s new attack service “Lizard Stresser.”  It is a commercial service where customers can pay Lizard Squad for a sustained DDoS attack against “any target they wish.”