Have Your Games And Eat Them Too With ‘Fry Scores’

You’ve all played your favorite games. Now, you can eat them, too. Photographer and writer Holly Green released her cookbook Fry Scores: An Unofficial Guide to Video Game Grub yesterday and Game Informer sat down with her:

I wanted to present a practical list of dishes that could be eaten any day of the week…I wanted to bring together a full list of recipes that would include cuisine staples and cover a basic level of culinary instruction.

The recipes in the book are inspired by our favorite video game food, from Skyrim’s Apple Cabbage Stew to Twilight Princess’ Yeto’s Soup.  The recipes are all original, but they are born from either featured items or minuscule details in a wide range of video games.


That’s Yeto’s Soup up above.  Looks delicious, doesn’t it?  Green’s mantra is that less is more when it comes to her recipes:

The idea was to not use too many convoluted or expensive ingredients, and just present simple food done well.

Green also puts her own spin on classics like grilled cheese, french toast, and red curry, all with respective video game twists.  The recipes are accompanied by Green’s own breathtaking photography that would make even the pickiest foodie’s stomach growl.

The book is available now on iTunes and iBooks on Macs and iDevices.  Game Informer reports that “additional formats will be available in the future.”