Playstation Network Is Back Online (Until The Next Attack)

Sony finally caught a break after a rough couple of weeks.  They survived a  crippling hack now attributed to North Korea only to be one of many victims of a massive Direct Denial-of-Service Attack.  This is the attack that took down the Playstation Network and Xbox Live for a few days over the Christmas holiday.  An update to a blog post on the Playstation Blog confirms that the service has been restored.

The first rumblings of an issue were posted on the Ask Playstation Twitter account @AskPlaystation:

The plot thickened when infamous hacker group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility, ransoming the networks for Twitter followers. To everyone’s surprise, MegaUpload tycoon Kim Dotcom then stepped in and offered Lizard Squad premium vouchers for his new cloud-based file storage service MEGAprivacy:

Despite the twisting and turning nature of this story, the real victims are the people who excitedly opened up new consoles on Christmas morning and couldn’t connect to the Playstation Network or Xbox Live. Attacks like these are nothing new, but they continue to call into question just how vulnerable our networks are.