Remastered, Re-missive.

Throughout the past year or two there have been a few games that have had themselves be fortunate enough to have gotten remastered and remade in a better graphical sense and for some, added content to the original game. My view on the games that have been selected for this process is, well, bleak to say the least. The one that got on my nerves the most, The Last Of Us, that game was remastered for the new gen consoles after only having been out only a year or so by that point, so it begs the question, why? Why they couldn’t just wait till the new gen of consoles had been released and release it then with the features and graphics they added in? I think I know the answer, as I will guess some of you also do, or at least think you might, MONEY! The worlds greatest evil, and it seems to be corrupting the gaming industry more and more every generation..

What bugs me the most about remakes in general is that they tend to always go for what will make them the most money. In fairness I can see why, after all it is a business and they put out a product and deserve to be paid for it, but why they go about it the wrong way I will never understand. If it was me doing it, and unfortunately never will, I would go with the games that the people REALLY want, I would go with the “nostalgia” factor.

Retro games enlightened us to a new world when we were all children, they allowed us an escape into a fantasy world, where ultimately we were god. We had the power over the course of events that went down during the unfolding of the story of what ever game we were playing. Some still have that today, but surely everyone gets that little feeling of joy and excitement when they play the old games that they grew up with, I know I do, and that is why if I was the one doing the remaking of games, I would go with retro games. Again, some wont transfer well or couldn’t be transferred for one reason or another. But the ones that can be would be amazing; look at Nintendo for instance on this topic, the released The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on the 3DS because they knew the fans of the franchise would absolutely love it. Sure enough, it went down a royal treat and they’re doing it again with Majora’s mask and I think, don’t quote me on this at the moment, Star fox 64. All of these games are from an age when gaming was pure and fun and now the fun we felt back then can and most likely will be multiplied ten fold!

So it does work to go back to a time when people were pure and innocent and bring those feelings to people in the present day, no one can beat the nostalgia factor, well that’s my opinion anyway.