Final Fantasy XV Has Magic, MP, And Summons

My favorite gift this year is the flood of information we’re finally getting about punchline-turned-video game Final Fantasy (Versus XIII) XV. We’ve got trailers, gifs, interviews, and an opportunity for a demo.  Kotaku‘s newest report via Famitsu has a wealth of new details about Final Fantasy XV, straight from director Hajime Tabata’s mouth.

But first, take a look at the newest trailer:

Pretty spiffy, huh?

It’s a mix of new and old footage, both gameplay and cinematics. We get to see more of that fluid action-RPG combat and some truly impressive set pieces. Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be a massive game in size and scope. Everything’s bigger than Final Fantasy XIII. The monsters, boss fights, and areas all look bigger.

We also get our first glimpse of the game’s incarnation of Cid, now in the form of a hilariously underdressed mechanic.  You wanted female characters?  Wish granted.  Avoid the overwhelming thoughts of sexism in the video game industry by ignoring the short-shorts and her low-cut “shirt.”  I can only hope she’s a real character and not just eye candy.

Combat is going to be the typical action-RPG fare, with different weapons and combos mapped to each button.  According to Tabata, players can have multiple weapons equipped: “you can switch your main weapon during combat, so you can execute different attacks.”  Additionally, every weapon is going to be unique.  Some will be strong and slow, while others have quick attacks and special abilities.  There are also “unity attacks” that require the party to work together, and a risk/reward parry system.

An MP system will also be in place, but those points won’t be used for Firaga or Cure.  Instead, certain abilities we’ve seen such as teleportation and dodging consume MP.  There is a magic system, but Tabata did not speak about it.

Like any good Final Fantasy game, summons will also be making a comeback.  Noctis himself is the only one that can summon these creatures.

If you want Final Fantasy XV’s demo, Episode Duscae, make sure to get the “Day One” edition of the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on March 17th.

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