World of Speed Review

Sports cars are expensive and luxurious. But if rolling an awesome exotic car is what you want, World of speed is the best fit for you. You can experience adrenaline without the risk of smashing these gorgeous vehicles into pieces. World of Speed lets you hop in your dream car, with the privilege to become a racer.

World of Speed is made and developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by around Q4 of 2014. And if we talk about graphics, WOS is not behind from other racing games that exist nowadays. It is impressively realistic, though there’s no trace of dents if a reckless driver swerves to the curbs of the street. That’s not realistic but at least the car appears to be safe despite the smashing drama along the way.

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Before starting a career with the World of Speed, you should know that there’s a custom garage which provides a numerous car models where player can choose their own car. It has also a customization option that gives the gamers a liberty to improve their car’s performance.

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Some of the most awesome features offered by this online action racing game are the circuits and the sprints. These are literally challenging since the streets were actually taken from the cities of London, Moscow and Monaco.  And also, in WOS, players have the opportunity to form a club. And if by any chance, that particular club gets into the stage to create an event, they can design their signature course tracks, so they can compete with other group of gamers. Additionally, this game offers rewards like car parts, depending on how successful they are in each event.

Everything seems entertaining and addictive. However, WOS is not designed for players who bully other players who are not as good as they. It is also not just about winning every race event. It is one of the ways to express the passion of the car and speed enthusiasts. They can find people who have the same interests like theirs. This proves that the dream of becoming a racer can somehow be satisfied through online entertainment.






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