7 Star Films of the Dragonball Franchise

This is crunch time, ladies and gentledudes! (It’s also one day past my Birthday so…happy belated to this person!) Now is the time where we start getting those gifts that say “Hey, I wanted to get you something, but I’ve been a little busy,” and movies are an awesome last-minute gift. IF they are good movies that the person you’re getting would actually enjoy watching.

With that in mind, few anime can claim to have had the impact that the Dragonball series has, and it’s numerous movies are a testament to that. With so many films and specials though, it can be hard to pick which to get for all those people you waited to shop for. So, I took it upon myself to jot down the top seven DB, DBZ and yes, even DBGT films (in my opinion.) Not for everyone, but I greatly enjoyed these films after watching them all and while all the films are good in their own way, I thought these seven stood just a bit above the rest. Now, enough stalling. Roll films!

Number 7Cooler’s Revenge

It’s a tale as old as time. Warrior dies in glorious combat and his brother seeks revenge for his family. Except this time it involves aliens. Cooler’s Revenge kicks our list off with a bang for a number of reasons, including a pretty awesome soundtrack and probably one of the most

You have dishonored my family...!

You have dishonored my family…!


one-sided fights in Dragonball history, (but there will be more on this count down,) between Cooler and Goku. It’s a bit anti-climactic, but not without lots of merit and it’s made up for in the sequel I’d say. The ending left a little to be desired, but the overall movie was awesome.

Number 6. The Path of Power

Alternatively, you could have simply titled this “Dragonball Abridged.” It did miss a lot of what made Dragonball (not to mention a few characters were MIA) so much fun, but at the same time delivered a lot of interesting takes and was a pretty interesting look at Dragonball–especially considering it was in hindsight.

If you want action though, Goku’s strength and skill as a kid is on full display vs. the Red Ribbon Army, and even Yamcha looked like a real beast at times. Overall, it wasn’t bad, and the nostalgia game is strong with this one. Worth having for any Dragonball fan.

Number 5. The Tree of Might

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a good villain, and that’s the big draw here for The Tree of Might, as Turles proves why he’s one of the best movie villains (and the movie villains are all pretty impressive.)


Brutal, sadistic, and absolutely evil, and when you realize the resemblance to Goku has an actual meaning, it makes things even more interesting and for me, that little bit of psychology combined with the overall feel and visuals make The Tree of Might a prime film for any Dragonball Z fan.

Number 4. Battle of Gods

The latest Dragonball Z film came in with a lot of hype, and it delivered in a powerful way with a lot of implications for the future of the franchise. Despite the Title BoG was actually more a quirky film. The action was few, but I thought it an interesting turn for a Dragonball movie, and a good amount of the humor genuinely made me laugh. As for the action, it was epic to say the least. Beerus lived up to the hype behind him, and put just about everyone off their game in entertaining fashion.


Number 3. Bardock: The Father of Goku

Actually a Special and not a movie, however, I rank this right up their with all of these films. The Father of Goku had just about everything you could ask for in a film. Engaging characters, character development, a story that, while you know the ending, was entertaining and even for a minute you actually think Bardock can change the future. The Father of Goku also gets a bit of a boost because, this is a special you can show someone with no background for Dragonball Z and I would be shocked if they didn’t want to see more.

So, hey. You can get this for ANYONE, and simply say you wanted to turn them on to something new!

Number 2. The Return of Cooler

Coming in from number 7 and making his second appearance on the list, is Cooler! If Cooler’s Revenge left you wanting a little more, the answer to your prayers is answered in the form of the sequel. Cooler makes an amazing second impression in what felt like a truly fresh and refreshing take on the typical good vs. evil battle. His battles with Vegeta and Goku trumped his first round against Goku and it’s a movie that will keep you invested all the way to the end. I implore anyone who likes good fight scenes to take a look at this one in particular.

Number 1. Curse of the Blood Rubies

This could be the nostalgia talking, but I absolutely loved Curse of The Blood Rubies. During my movie marathon, this was actually one of the few I hadn’t had a chance to view beforehand, and in hindsight I’m kicking myself. Everything that you enjoyed about Dragonball is in this movie with a solid grasp of humor, but with enough seriousness to keep even the oldest and most skeptical fans engaged. There’s a few things that are new, but given it’s an adaption that’s to be expected

It had emotion, it was fun, it was cute, it was just everything I think an animated movie should be, and it was simply a great story from start to finish. If you get any movie from this list, I say you have to get Curse of the Blood Rubies!

EPSON scanner imageHope this list helps out any of you who were cruel enough to wait til the last minute to go shopping for your favorite Anime/Manga fan, but if you were, perhaps one (or all,) of these films would help take the sting out a little bit, huh?