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It’s A Wipe Review


It’s A Wipe is a very unique strategy game that gives you control of a guild as they go on raids or buy things as you would in an MMO such as WOW (other MMOs are available). You can have up to 10 characters in any fight, rather than have you control the characters individually you give commands for how the group is to behave. There are various orders that can be given ranging from stick with the plan to OMG heal, the only problem I have found with this system is that most of the time you will be just clicking stick with the plan and just watching the results. Sometimes an enemy might be a big threat and you need everyone to focus on him but most of the time sticking with the plan works. Each raid has several different fights, each harder than the last, with a total of 10 raids and some extras. After any battle you get your loot, there is different loot for each individual class and if you don’t want the loot or don’t have someone of the appropriate class to use it then it is disenchanted for some gold.

The game seems to have a very steep difficulty spike; at first I thought it was rather easy but after a certain point I was being wiped out very quickly and having a hard time progressing further. The game seems to have at least 10 hours of game play and has a fair amount of replay ability.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on how happy your guild is, a guild members happiness starts at 100 and if it gets to low they will leave. Their happiness is dependent on several factors, one of which is over raiding with little to no breaks, which will make them unhappy as does the exact opposite, they don’t want to just sit around all day. Happiness can rise by getting them a gift from the shop, getting an upgrade from a raid or just talking to them. During combat your guild will regularly have to do things IRL meaning that your mage might not attack for 1 turn because their cat has taken over their keyboard or has to answer the door, it really gives you the feeling you are playing without real humans.

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The music is very catchy and in some fights a different version of the music will play. However I have had a few problems with the music not playing on launch or if I alt tab the music sometimes stops. The game looks like an old school RPG and has some very charming characters and some very unique looking bosses.

It’s A Wipe is currently available on steam for £4 and for the amount of content you get it is well worth picking up for anyone who wants to go on raids without their friends.