Lords Of The Fallen 2 Is Confirmed

In a Facebook post early this morning, executive producer at CI Games Tomasz Gop confirmed that “conceptual work” for Lords Of The Fallen 2 has begun. The post itself is in Polish, naturally:

Lords Of The Fallen is a tactical action-RPG that is more similar to From Software’s Dark Souls series than it is different. The game was a solid way to kickstart the franchise, but I was left ultimately unimpressed.  My time with the game was marred with bugs, uneven gameplay, and a general lack of polish. Dark Souls does everything Lords Of The Fallen does, but much better.

The game is sitting at a decent 73 on Metacritic and moved 700,000 units to retailers.

Additionally, the first DLC pack was announced back in November. Called Ancient Labyrinth, the content will include new NPCs, enemies, areas, and a magical boss called The Lord. There will be about “2.5 hours” of new content, and you can expect the DLC to drop some time this winter.

From Software’s newest IP, Bloodborne, is going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive (like Demon’s Souls). If Lords Of The Fallen 2 capitalizes on the Xbox One crowd craving another Souls experience, it could carve out a nice little niche among the hardcore RPG market.