Rockstar Reveals Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

Rockstar has been promising heists for their popular, anarchic Grand Theft Auto Online for a long time now. The heists were some of the best set pieces in Grand Theft Auto 5, so it’s only natural to bring that gameplay online. Rockstar’s producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar sat down with IGN and spilled the beans on the long-awaited addition to Grand Theft Auto Online.

But first, check out the trailer that dropped today:

The trailer shows off a wide range of gameplay, from stealthy night vision infiltrations to helicopter chases to frenetic gunfights. The video is slick and stylish, just as anyone would be expecting from Rockstar at this point. The multi-stage heists should translate perfectly into the co-op centric missions Rockstar wants them to be.

According to Sarwar, the Grand Theft Auto Online heists will be “ready in early 2015.”

To run a heist, all four members of the crew must be at least rank 12, and the heist leader must have a high-end apartment with room to plan. Additionally, the heist leader has the responsibility of communicating Lester’s instructions to the rest of the crew and putting money up to front the costs of the crime. Sarwar promises that playing each role in a heist will completely change the experience.

At launch, there will be 5 unique quest lines with a total of 20 missions. Sarwar says this will be around 20 hours of gameplay. For the entire interview, visit IGN and get your president masks ready.