Massive Starbound Winter Update Announced

A new trailer was released Sunday that outlines a massive update coming to Starbound sometime this winter.

This upcoming Starbound update is shaping up to be one of the biggest updates the game has ever seen, and it should give players numerous hours of new playable content. Some of the new features include a new playable race, new biomes, new items, warp gates, improved combat, scriptable UI windows and much, much more.

There hasn’t been a specific date announced for the winter update yet, but on one of the developers twitter pages (@Tiyuri), an estimated time table was given for the new update. Players can expect to be playing this update very soon according to Tiyuri’s tweet.

Starbound is still in Steam early access, which means players can buy the beta for a reduced price now and follow along the development. With this update there is a ton of content in Starbound, even for the early access version. For a full list of updates coming in the next big Starbound update, check out the announcement trailer below!

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