Latest Final Fantasy XV Trailer Now In English

Things were looking bad for Final Fantasy XV for a while there. Announced back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the years passed by and it seemingly went the way of Half-Life 3 and Duke Nukem Forever. Then, miraculously, the game clawed itself up from the depths of vaporware.   A killer new trailer premiered at the Tokyo Game Show back in September.  This is the biggest news about the game since the massive re-naming to Final Fantasy XV at E3 2013. We’ve recently been treated to ten minutes of open-world gameplay too.  Just like that, Final Fantasy XV started to exist again.

What’s even more exciting is that the trailer has now been localized and you can hear the first bit of English voice acting for Final Fantasy XV:

The voice acting is nothing special, though. It seems to be the typical anime-inspired fare, but I’m just happy to know that the game is moving along. I doubt Square-Enix wanted to take any big chances with the voice cast or direction, considering what this game means to both the developer and fans alike.

If this trailer has gotten you all riled up, know that the only way to get your hands on a copy of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV demo, Episode Duscae, is to get a Day One edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Make sure you pre-order or get to the store when it drops on March 17th of next year.

If all this Final Fantasy love wasn’t enough, Square-Enix recently announced that Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD will be coming to the Playstation 4.