Dragon Age Keep Review (PC)

You have made many choices in Thedas and shaped it’s history as the Warden and as The Champion of Kirkwall. Now with the whole of Thedas on the brink of an all-out war and the sky torn asunder, your choices will decide their fate. That is why the Dragon Age Keep was built.


The Dragon Age Keep is a web-based companion application for the Dragon Age franchise. It is accessible on any browser using HTML5 on tablets and smartphones with an EA Origin account. There is no download or installation at all. The application is mostly for use alongside the Dragon Age : Inquisition videogame, using custom world histories known as World States to shape the history of Thedas without having to play through the previous video games again. Every World State that you save (and you can save up to 9) will have an effect on your Dragon Age: Inquisition world as has become usual with the franchise.

If you don’t have any saved careers or have played the previous games on another platform, don’t worry, you’ll be given a list of pre-defined heroes from the previous games and have your choices recorded on your Origins account available respectively. Once you’ve gone through syncing your EA account you will enter the Tapestry, where you will be able to relive and customize the Dragon Age story as much or as little as you’d like to create the world state you want for the start of Dragon Age Inquisition.


You also get an Interactive Story Summary narrated by Varric Tetras and illustrated in the usual tapestry style of the Dragon Age series’ narrative cut scenes and loading screens. You’ll also be able to alter some of the over 300 choices while viewing the narrative and changing the story being narrated. You can also load saved World States and watch their narratives.


In the Keep you will also be able to view your saved World States, Heroes and Careers. The Heroes option will include a 2D representation of your custom or default characters but a character editor/creator is not available. In the Careers option you will be able to view completed challenges from the Keep and your accomplishments, rewards and progress in the Dragon Age Origin, II and Inquisition titles and their DLCs.



The Dragon Age Keep is as good as any companion app I have seen if not better. The storytelling approach featuring the voice of Varric Tetras and the illustration of the Interactive Story Summary gives it an edge puts it ahead of other companion apps available.  So keep an eye out( no pun intended) on @DragonAgeKeep andhttps://dragonagekeep.com/

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