Phil Spencer Talks Street Fighter 5 And “Making Amends”

One of Sony’s biggest announcements at the 2014 Playstation Experience was Street Fighter 5. They revealed a previously leaked gameplay demo:

What made even more waves, however, is that the title would be a Playstation 4 and PC exclusive.

The internet reacted accordingly, and Phil Spencer took the time on Twitter to set the record straight:

Spencer understands that Xbox users feel like Microsoft left them out cold with this Street Fighter 5 deal. He went on to stress that it was just business:

It’s easy to forget that video games are, ultimately, just products of a profit-seeking industry. Whatever negotiation happened between Capcom, Microsoft, and Sony worked out in such a way that Xbox users will not be able to play Street Fighter 5.

He also tweeted about Microsoft’s first-party fighter, Killer Instinct:

A choice to invest in first-party software instead of Capcom’s IP seems to have had some influence on the deal. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see how Spencer “makes amends.” I’ve got my fingers crossed for more Banjo-Kazooie.

[Source: MCV via Twitter]

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