Everyone’s Favourite Flying Fox Taking Off on the Wii U

After a painfully brief and tantalizingly vague video at E3 in June this year, where we saw more of Miyamoto’s beaming face than what was occurring on the censored gamepad and TV screen, I, along with many others, am excited by the potential of this incipient title. Star Fox for the Wii U is still in development and penned for release next year, with Nintendo bringing on another developer to expedite the realization of what has been a very long time coming for Star Fox fans. 8 years is too long for anyone to wait for another Arwing expedition, or perhaps too short for anyone who has the length of memory to recall Slippy’s vexing incompetency.

What began as angular polygons with more than a phantom reminiscence of Frosted Flakes boxes, has gone through art styles and delightfully out of place animals faster than Picasso at a Zoo. There was the core gameplay beloved by puritans of Lylat Wars, that emulated the original title and reproduced later with tasteful additions in a fan favourite: Star Fox: Assault. There was the jarring, rather awkward and altogether too ambitious Star Fox Adventures and its whack cousin, Star Fox Command. And then nothing. Many feared that Star Fox had gone the way of Metroid Dread and the Game Boy Micro.


For 8 years, Fox was dormant – re-animated briefly to beat up overlarge turtles and bellicose pink blobs. With the release of the Wii U, an anxious wait began for Nintendo to realize the propensity of the GamePad to re-create the likes of Star Fox and F-Zero (Still waiting on that one, Miyamoto).

The wait is over. With a brief announcement by the ever-enthusiastic Miyamoto at The Game Awards on the 5th of December, Star Fox Wii U will be out in a similar time frame to the 3DS Majora’s Mask remake in 2015 and antedate the release of Zelda Wii U. IGN in a hands-on with the inchoate tech demo in June, revealed the re-emergence of the Landmaster, a split perspective from both cockpit and slave cam, and the return of a classic formatting incorporating both All-Range Mode and the on-rails sections of neck-snapping terrain navigation familiar to fans of Lylat Wars. We can only hope that Fox’s furry behind stays firmly glued to his seat.