Quality Assurance Episode 13: Steven Berkoff

Welcome to Quality Assurance, the Podcast with “Over 9000!!!!” listeners*.

This week, Joe must choose between three worthy sections pitched to him by Coty Sugg, Adam Barge and Patrick Lowe. Will he side with Coty’s lame attempt to get him interested in Smash Bros, Patrick’s last minute idea, or Adam basically getting everyone to quote Dragonball Z Abridged? How will he choose? I certainly wouldn’t want to be him.

No, really, I don’t. I should probably seek counselling.

As usual, Quality Assurance is a lame podcast that shouldn’t be listened to by anyone, and we discuss everything from Pokemon to legendary Theatre Practitioner/Rambo Baddy/Seedy Old Womanizer Steven Berkoff. God bless that crazy bastard.

*This may or may not be full of shit.