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Bombing Bastards Review


Do you remember the BomberMan games from years ago? Well I do and I really enjoyed them which is why I was happy to see Bombing Bastards coming to steam, also available on Wii U. Bombing Bastards is basically a good clone of BomberMan. The game takes a lot of the good things I remember from playing BomberMan when I was younger. For those of you looking for a casual jaunt down memory lane though, this wouldn’t be it as the game is pretty challenging for how simplistic it intends to look.

The story of the game is you are a robot built by a scientist to help him take over a few planets (5 to be specific), each with 5 levels and a boss. Your objective is to bomb every enemy on each level but if the enemies touch you or you run into your enemies bomb, you die. Some enemies are not the smartest and will walk right into your bombs blast but some have a brain and don’t want  to die and will do their very best not to. There are various upgrades such as bigger radius, throw bombs, kick bombs, etc. As well as the upgrades the game adds a few interesting environment hazards like ground tiles that breaks if bombed, rendering the pathway useless.

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Each level gives a star based on the time completion score . There is also a multiplayer game modem which allows up to 8 players, human or AI. The multiplayer mode is a last man standing, death match between your team mates and robots.

Aesthetically speaking, the games keeps the look of the old BomberMan games without the low quality graphics of the GameCube and PS2 era (Which was fine during its time). The soundtrack of the game consists of various remixes of some well known songs such as flight of the bumblebee and Night on Bald Mountain. I believe the remixes were all created by Samuel Safa, composer of film and game scores. I find myself sometimes just sitting around looking at the menu screen while listening to a song. The songs can become quite catchy.

Overall the game is a fun, challenging BomberMan clone with a score of catchy ,melodies and improved graphics. I would recommend this to anyone who has played and enjoyed a BomberMan game or to anyone who missed out on the experience of playing one. You’re missing out!