Uncharted 4 Gameplay Footage Shown

During today’s PlayStation Experience live event, Sony kicked things off with a 15 minute gameplay demo of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

The trailer begins with Nathan Drake looking over an alluring shot of a mysterious jungle, with a deep blue sea roaring below. He then asks, “Where the hell are you?” He enters a dark cave, with flashlight in hand, and begins to jump onto, and across walls and obstacles – an Uncharted staple. He then comes out back into the gorgeous, green jungle.

As a few minutes pass by, in which Nathan climbs all the way up a wall, he spots a group of enemies stating, “How did they survive that wreck?” As Nathan attempts a stealthy approach, taking out some guys, he gets spotted. A firefight begins, where Nathan maneuvers around the brilliantly developed environment, using his new grappling hook a few times.


I love my new grappling hook!

Nathan then climbs a ledge and attempts to pull one guy off of it, but as the enemy falls he holds onto Nathan’s leg, kickstarting a short mini game in which Nathan comes out victorious, finally kicking the enemy off. Nathan then returns to silent tactics, succeeds this time, and finally escapes the area by using his grappling hook. The trailer ends with Nathan’s older brother standing with a weapon drawn, and holstering it. He says, “Good to see you little brother.”

He’s pictured below.


Big bro.

The video ended with a 2015 release window for the game, confirming that we’ll get to play as Nathan Drake once again, this time on our PS4s, soon enough.