GTA 5: Heists Release Date Speculation

Grand Theft Auto fans rejoice the internet is abuzz again with the release date speculation of the Christmas DLC, and finally, maybe, can it be? Heists. As Rockstar is quickly patching up the bugs and broken features with the remastered edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there is hope that the much anticipated Heists are coming out with either the Christmas DLC, or the next big update.

Discerning YouTube tipster, DomisLive, has been shining the light on the possible release dates of Heists or Cops n Crooks missions, and the annual Christmas DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online.

RockstarRockstar has with out a doubt been busy patching their online gameplay with notable updates from connectivity issues to exploits and other gameplay issues that continue to plague the online portion of GTA. They have also been suggestion on their Newswire that the next DLC will be obviously be Heists.

According to DomisLive, leaked game content files for GTA online clearly suggest to be apart of Heists and the Christmas DLC.

It has been confirmed that both the Heists and Christmas DLC will be coming out in the same month, it is still uncertain which day they will both come out. With the release date speculation to be December 16th all we as fans can do is wait.

Rockstar has been notorious for releasing content and DLC’s on Tuesday, so the current theory is that Heists will come out on December 16th, and the Christmas DLC on December 23rd.

As DomisLive suggests, Rockstar could be updating the game, to include snowfall on Christmas Eve, following the release of the Christmas DLC. Which would be a really nice touch to the game. Don’t rule out Rockstar, they could release both Heists and the Christmas DLC on the same day on December 16th or December 23rd.

So it seems like we will finally be getting Heists this month after a year long wait, which i’m sure most fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise are most excited for. When do you think Rockstar will finally release Heists and the Christmas DLC to the world? Leave your comments below.