Sony Reveals 20th Anniversary Edition PS4

It may be hard to believe for some, but the original PlayStation debuted twenty years ago on this date. I think it’s safe to say that was a smart decision, as twenty years later, we are on the fourth iteration of the legendary console. To celebrate, Sony has announced a limited edition 20th Anniversary PS4, and personally I think it looks pretty sharp.



You can check out the video below to get a detailed look at the new system, but as you can see, it is heavily modeled after the original PlayStation. The matte grey finish calls to mind the classic PS1, and the controller has a decidedly retro touch to it, especially when compared to the original controller.



Sony stresses these limited edition PS4s will be in very short supply, but you can begin pre-ordering them on Dec. 6th. What are your thoughts on the system? I love the classic look, but I understand that it may not be for everybody. We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, so drop us a line in the comment section!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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