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Mass Effect 4: What is the real speculation?

With Mass Effect 4 a long way from realization, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the game’s setting and location. Theo Senene attempts to briefly catalogue the significant speculation.

Since defeating the Reapers on so many occasions that I’ve begun to develop a twinge of pleasure in watching the galaxy in ruin I have decided to step back and look forward to the prospect of a new Mass Effect which I hesitantly agree to call Mass Effect 4 for obvious reasons. So I spent a few hours scanning the web for speculative opinions as to what the future (or past) that the Mass Effect may hold. What I have managed to fish out was pretty ridiculous to say the least, but ridiculous is called for when it comes to this kind of speculation. Let us go through what I was able to fish out.

Most of the speculation revolves around the time frame of Mass Effect 4. Factions of a sort have formed with some citing a Mass Effect 4 set in the future as the most likely outcome. Others believe that a Mass Effect 4 set before the events of the Mass Effect trilogy would also be a viable alternative. The sensibility in both is that they side-step the issue of how the player’s choices have affected the direction of the storyline while addressing the exclusion of the trilogy’s protagonist Commander Shephard as the main, integral character. The idea of a Mass Effect 4 set in the past has an advantage. The story of the ancient race of Leviathans left little to be desired. There seems to me to have been a story there that warranted more than the DLC that was provided. From the looks of the information released by Bioware themselves and other sources though, it looks a setting in the future is the most likely route that the developers will take.



Then of course there is the location it’s self. Bioware have stated that the  game will be set in a completely new region of space. The images of new alien races supported this of course but the sighting of a Krogan in their E3 trailer did raise a few eyebrows. How did they survive? I mean I know they can survive about anything. I came across an interesting idea while with a friend discussing the very topic. It is known that the Reapers come from “dark space”, in essence the space beyond the arms of the galaxy. They are capable of almost instantaneous interstellar travel. Who’s to say intergalactic travel is not one of their other capabilities? This would open up whole new galaxies to the Mass Effect universe. Perhaps a resurgence of new ‘Reapers’. No one said the Star-child was done it’s work, only that the current solution clearly didn’t work and that a new one was needed (if I remembered that last part correctly).

So what would mostly likely come out of Mass Effect 4? It’s really hard to day but what I would like to see is more on the Leviathan and the ‘Intelligence’/Star Child. With roughly 18 months of more waiting ahead of those anticipating its release with bated breath there is a lot more speculation to be had. Not to mention a lot more time for me to try and decipher the Star-child’s true intentions, one Reaper at a time.

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