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Next Halo: The Master Chief Collection Patch Coming Soon

Those looking to enjoy some good ‘ole ‘Halo deathmatching may have some respite soon, as 343 studios has promised a multiplayer fix for The Master Chief Collection as soon as this week.

Reviews have been generally positive for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but a host of problems with online matchmaking have derailed the experience for some. 343 Studios announced today that they are working on a fix, and are planning on rolling it out this week.

“The team continues development and testing of upcoming content updates, the next of which will specifically make improvements to the matchmaking system and flow. This particular update is on track for delivery this week. We will provide more details on the exact ETA, included fixes, and additional upcoming content updates in the near future. Please stay tuned to this thread for more details,” the studio said via their official blog.

Here’s hoping they can get the issues taken care of quickly. It was a good month for Microsoft, and I would love for them to keep the momentum going.