Destiny Update 1.1 Tweaks Exotics, Upgrades, Farming

According to a new post on Bungie’s blog, Destiny’s 1.1 update should be live by 11 AM PST. The update, as covered in the blog, brings a host of tweaks, buffs, and a few nerfs to many exotic weapons.

Many players have been underwhelmed by Destiny’s rarest, most powerful weapons. Bungie has responded with a long list of balances and buffs to nearly every exotic weapon in the game. Additionally, their upgrade tree has been streamlined with the addition of a new crafting item, Exotic Shards. These shards will be sold by Xur for 7 Strange Coins, and only one will be necessary to fully-upgrade an exotic weapon. Ascendant Energies will no longer be required.

Destiny update 1.1 also fixes a glaring bug in the raid’s Atheon fight and a very popular exploit dealing with a mid-boss, The Templar.

Destination Materials such as Spinmetal and Relic Iron are now easier to attain outside of farming. They now drop as rewards from Daily Heroic missions and certain bounties. Players can now spend faction currencies to purchase them as well. This might help alleviate the grind that Destiny players do to upgrade their weapons and armor.

All of these changes are in preparation for Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, which drops on the 9th.

I play Destiny way too much. You can read my thoughts on the game here, and read Leviathyn’s review here.

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