Sword Art Online II Episode 20 Review: Do the Math

In the twentieth episode of Sword Art Online II, Asuna discovers what Yuuki and her friends need help with. They want to clear a raid boss using only the seven of them and nobody else. Asuna continues to have troubles with her mother, and a lot of questionable design decisions for ALO and New Aincrad are brought into the light. All this and more in the latest episode of Sword Art Online II.

Asuna finds herself leading Yuuki and the rest of the Sleeping Knights guild in an attempt to help them fight and defeat the boss of the 27th floor of New Aincrad. Unfortunately for Asuna, this ends up being the MMO equivalent of trying to herd cats. It is bad enough that they only have seven people and raids require forty nine, but there is also some fierce competition that they have to deal with. Although I have no idea how Asuna and the others have any hope for success, given that the bosses are tuned to be fighting forty nine people. If they are doing that content at the appropriate level and with the gear they can obtain at that level of Aincrad, this entire task is nothing short of impossible. So what is the reason behind this eagerness for a suicide run? The Sleeping Knights want a memory that will last forever, one where they alone take down a raid boss and are all recorded on the Swordsman’s Memorial on the first floor.


At one point during a conversation it is revealed that Yuuki has some kind of secret, and Kirito was able to figure out what it was. For that reason alone, Yuuki decided that Kirito wouldn’t be able to help with their problem. The question is, what kind of secret does Yuuki have? It seems that her and her guild are on some kind of timeline, and I wonder what will happen when they are out of time? As it stands now they have until spring to accomplish their goal before something happens, and it seems to have something to do with Yuuki. My only guess is either she is moving somewhere really far away or there is some kind of medical issue that may make it difficult to play the game.

I cannot fathom what the designers were thinking with some of the mechanics of New Aincrad and ALO. There doesn’t appear to be any raids beyond the floor bosses of New Aincrad, so with that in mind why would they make it so that the boss could only be cleared once and never respawn again. All that loot and the experience of fighting the boss becomes inaccessible to everyone, and that doesn’t seem fun at all. I get rare spawns, or bosses that only spawn once a month, but having content that is only accessible by a small group of people for one time only is absolutely ridiculous. A game like this would not be particularly popular in the real world and would probably lose subs faster than Star Wars: The Old Republic a few months after its release.


Things get ugly near the end when Asuna and the Sleeping Knights find themselves up against over forty players that aren’t happy that one of their own just got attacked by Yuuki. But as typically Sword Art Online story goes, Kirito shows up out of the blue and basically says ‘come get some’. So in short, it seems like the next episode (Swordsman’s Memorial) will be a PvP bloodbath for part of the episode. Although Kirito will probably continue to have a small role in the future of this story arc, given that Yuuki’s plan to have her entire guild recorded on the Memorial will only work if there are seven people in the raid group.