Fairy Tail Episode 182 Review: Burning Ground

With Episode 182 we see the main focus surrounding Lucy, Yukino and Arcadios with their struggle against Uosuke. After the ending of the last episode it continues with Arcadios protecting and saving Yukino and Lucy within the battle. The whole scenario contributes to the eclipse project and creates a connection to it that has been lost for many episodes. It also brings in quite a few strong, heart felt feelings to the audience surrounding Arcadios’s speech about keeping them alive no matter what it costs to him personally and that the eclipse project is up to the two celestial spirit wizards to decided whether or not it should go ahead. Along with this we get a small segment from Yukino about how she blames herself for Arcadio’s fate in the lava and how bad things always happen to those around he. However this is cut short with an appearance from Horolguim who has saved Arcadios from death, Although this would be considered a cheap way of getting round his death, it is a good segway into the appearance of Leo who turned up to return the girls their keys back so that they could fight.

It becomes clear early on that yukino is much like Lucy in the fact that they both are very attached to their spirits and both hold their bonds very close to their hearts. It is good to note that Leo mentions that ‘All the twelve spirits are collected’ which one can only presumes that when the golden keys are separate they are strong, but when they are collected together in a short radius their power strengths. If that is the case then it would be easy to understand why they would have the upper hand. [TonanSubs] Fairy Tail - 07 182 720p (1).mkv_snapshot_07.02_[2014.05.17_21.19.18]
Along with the bond between Lucy, Yukino and their spirits, Virgo and Leo show their strong bond and remind everyone of their brother-sister like bond that they share. In turn this brings some humour to the episode and lighten up the mood slightly. We also get to witness combination magic between two celestial wizards which seems to be a lot stronger than two types of magic combines and shows the true power of both Lucy and Yukino. When the combination failed Lucy decided to try to distract Uosuke with Plue and Cancer but to no avail. With all of these failed plans we get to see the true form of pieces which ended up being the form of a mother and son, unfortunately their weakness is water. This update doesn’t make much sense considering pieces is the zodiac portrayed as two fish and their normal form is also two fish but it just paths the way for Lucy to summon Aquarius at the end of the episode and from what we know of Aquarius this could be the end of the battle.

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As it goes for the other battles Natsu’s battle against the only unnamed of all of the executers doesn’t really amount to much or give any progress to any character or plot development. With Wendy’s fight, there is a slightly plot development as she is over come by the fruit from Cosmos and gets put to ‘sleep’ or in other words death by plant and death magic, however that is all is get for this episode.

The only other information that is given during this episode is quick look back to the games and we see that Fairy Tail along with the two Sabertooth dragon slayer brothers are still in the round along with the revelation that the guild cannot connect to Natsu and the group through the telepathic magic they were using and that someone is jamming the signal. Other than this small titbit there wasn’t any other development for the games.