Fairy Tail Episode 181 Review: Fairy Tail Vs Exucuters

As the story proceeds with the battle between Fairy Tail and the executers, Wendy is freed from the plant magic that was keeping her captive. Not only is this part of the story over before the audience know what is happening but it’s main purpose in this episode was to prolong the arc to fill up a twenty-two minute episode. An upside to this episode is that we get to see more of the rare paper magic as a new colour is revealed: purple. Purple paper magic releases a binding spell, or as it is called in the anime Anomalour Conditions spell which binds the casters opponent. Seeing as paper magic is only present during this arc and is current not revealed to be casted by any other wizard it can be considered lost magic.

A shock of magic energy created a situation where everyone was scattered for 1 vs 1 battles, even if this was just a way to push the plot along and a concept to create a situation where the group could have smaller battles and show the separate personalities of each wizards along with their strengths and weaknesses. The way they are separated doesn’t quite live up to the mark of Fairy Tail, however there has to be some lean way when it comes to a quick switch of plot. What it lacks in interesting plot, it makes up for in character development and rich character interaction, which along with the humour between the first master of Fairy Tail and Asuka as they watch the Grand Magic Games.

[Zero-Raws] Fairy Tail - 181 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_09.07_[2014.05.10_13.27.36]
Again even though the fights are interesting, they are short lived and end quicker than expected as well as the perspective constantly switching from one fight to another it’s hard to pin point any moves that each wizard is using.
The problem with this episode is that there’s a difference between high paced battles and battles that have to volume to them and unfortunately it was the latter. That’s not to say this episode was terrible, it had its moments that keeps the audience watching.