Explore A Lush Paradise In PS4 Non-Combat MMO, Wander

Wander is a non-combat MMO coming to the PS4 where players can take the form of a sentient tree, griffin, aquatic beast and more on a verdant island. Posting on the Playstation Blog, Crystal Flinn from the development team stresses exploration:

You start off deep in a forest you can’t remember, occupying a form you don’t recognize. Clues can be found by examining your surroundings, and you may even encounter others like yourself who can help you and share information. During your journey you may also hear the mysterious, siren-like tones of opera singers, and following these songs will lead you to even more exciting discoveries, like the ability to change your shape and acquire new ways of exploring the world.

Unlike most modern games, there won’t be killstreaks or circle strafing. The emphasis is on the environment itself, and how a story can be told without slow-motion door breaching. The idea might sound boring on paper, but recent successes like Flower, Journey, and the upcoming indie Firewatch prove there is demand for relaxing, atmospheric games like Wander.

Crystal goes on to mention that each creature you become has multiple cultures, societies, and conflicts to navigate and discover. Crystal also hints at some sort of main quest to uncover the island’s “ultimate secrets.”

The screenshots are captivating, but Wander also looks good in motion.  IGN has a short trailer you can check out. There isn’t anything too specific going on, but you can get a feel for the world Wander is trying to create. 

If you’re interested, Wander is going to be at the Playstation Experience event next month in Las Vegas.  Stay tuned for more information on this unique, enigmatic title.

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