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Sword Art Online II Episode 19 Review: Asuna Vs Zekken

Asuna’s moment in the spotlight continues with the nineteenth episode of Sword Art Online II. In this episode we see that Asuna’s mother is an overbearing, pretentious piece of work, and certainly explains why Asuna does not like her home life all that much. Asuna comes face to face with the invincible player, only to discover that they are not what she imagined them to be.


I’ll try not to focus on this subject too much, but Asuna’s mother needs to be discussed. Within seconds of her introduction, it becomes pretty clear that she is not a pleasant human being. She is one of those parents that are far too overbearing, to the point that she is even going so far as trying to set up a marriage for Asuna without showing any care or concern about what Asuna wants. While I can understand why she’d want her daughter to do well in school, it feels like Asuna’s mother is trying to live vicariously through her daughter. She also seems to be stuck in the past, as she seems completely blind to the social opportunities that virtual gaming provides for Asuna given that she lives so far away from all of her friends and boyfriend. At the very least, Asuna manages to lay down the ultimate verbal smack down on her harpy of a mother and walk out with grace.

I’ve noticed this a few times throughout the series so far, but I’m rather confused as to why Liz, Leafa (don’t even get me started on this one, Leafa being in love with her cousin is disturbing and made Fairy Dance even worse of a story than it already was), and Silica all act like Kirito is still on the market. I’m fairly certain that it is confirmed that Kirito and Asuna are in an exclusive relationship in real life, so I don’t know why they bother getting irritated about it still.


So the identity of Zekken is finally revealed. Asuna assumed it was a bad ass guy in armor, but that is not the case. Zekken is actually a female player by the name of Yuuki. In a highly amusing moment, Asuna gives a death glare to Kirito as she wonders if he lost because he went easy on Yuuki. After some encouragement from Liz, Asuna agrees to a 1 v 1 duel against Yuuki. Needless to say, Yuuki lives up to the rumors and proves to be a very tough opponent for Asuna. Yet at the same time, Asuna was able to hold her ground and actually put up the first real fight that Yuuki has had since she started issuing this challenge to other players. I was surprised when the duel came to an end, mostly because it was called a draw. Yuuki then proceeds to grab Asuna, fly her up into the sky, and ask for her help with something.

The next episode will be called The Sleeping Knights. I imagine that this next episode will involve Yuuki explaining what she needs help with. Beyond that, it seems like this will be the start of some kind of friendship between Yuuki and Asuna.