Report: Nintendo Opens Up IPs For Outside Use

A new report suggests that Nintendo could be having a change of heart for how it handles its original IPs.

Some may remember Nintendo’s decision last year to start claiming revenue on YouTube videos containing any Nintendo-owned content, including video and audio clips. This naturally lead to an outcry from the numerous Let’s Players who thrive on Nintendo videos. While Nintendo wasn’t actively trying to block videos, they were forcing users to included advertisements that funneled the proceeds directly to Nintendo. That was their right of course, but it still naturally rubbed some people the wrong way.

So a few months ago, Nintendo tried to bridge the gap by instituting a YouTube affiliate program that allowed certified users to monetize their videos. This wasn’t exactly an open policy, but it did open the door a bit for some Let’s Players, and showed that Nintendo wasn’t completely cutting that segment of their fan base off. It wasn’t the solution many were hoping to hear, but it was at least a step in the right direction. Now, it looks as if Nintendo is going even further and removing all restrictions.

The news comes from a NeoGAF poster xk0sm0sx, who claims that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced during a Dwango event that Nintendo has officially opened it’s IPs for derivative works, including Let’s Play’s, fan art, music covers and other projects. A second NeoGAF post adds some clarity, and reports that it is part of an over-arching “Creative Endorsement Project” aimed at rewarding popular creators, and Nintendo has opted into the program.

If this is true, this marks a big turnaround for Nintendo’s policy, one that will make a huge number of fans happy. We will let you know once we receive confirmation, but early signs are positive. Time to start working on a sweet Zelda cover song!