Destiny Update 1.0.3 Is Live, 2.5 GB of Fixes

Bungie’s Destiny has weathered a lot of criticism since its huge launch. Detractors highlighted, among other things, a laundry list of missing features and bugs. As promised, Bungie has come through with their promises and released a huge, 2.5 GB patch that’s live today. Here are some of the most important changes and fixes:

  • Vastly increased voice chat functionality.  Now, players can chat with matchmade teammates in Strikes and Crucible matches.  Before, players would only have voice chat capabilities in a fireteam players joined outside of matchmaking.
  • Public Events now occur 10-15% more frequently.  The Public Event system has offered me some of my favorite moments with the game so far.  This is good news.
  • Bounty slots in the inventory increased from 5 to 10.  Players have been asking for more bounty slots for a while now.  This gives greatly enhanced flexibility while running both PvE and PvP bounties.
  • New shaders!  The shader vendor has had the same three shaders since launch.  It’s about time she updated her stock.  Now, players can also preview shaders and emblems before spending their hard-earned Glimmer.

Among these big changes , there are a ton of other fixes– HUD updates, class and difficulty tweaks, general stability improvements, work done to the problematic Iron Banner.

It warms my heart to see Bungie taking care of Destiny like they told us they would.  This update and the patches still set to come are paving the way for Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, which drops on December 9th.

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