Destiny Sold 1 In 5 Copies Digitally

Activision’s juggernaut MMOFPS– sorry, ‘shared-world shooter’– Destiny has sold 1 in 5 copies digitally via direct console download, according to a new report from SuperData.

Similar AAA titles only sold 12% of their copies through digital distribution, while Destiny moved 20% of their copies through the same channel. Activision went all in with Destiny’s digital distribution, as it was the first title available for the PS4 preload service. These numbers show that the trend is certainly not going to slow any time soon. The big publishers like Activision, EA, and Ubisoft have all been aggressively pushing direct download, especially since the start of the eighth console generation.

Additionally, SuperData “conservatively forecasts” that direct download of full games to consoles will double this holiday season. With the option for consumers to skip the lines and, in some cases, the near-riots of some Black Friday shopping experiences, direct download seems like a no-brainer.

US Retailer Gamestop also has also experienced a boost in their download service. Their best-selling items include PS Plus and Xbox Live memberships, along with cash cards for the consoles’ respective online stores.

Despite the successful launch, Bungie is hard at work improving Destiny. One of the biggest post-launch additions is rolling out this Tuesday: increased voice chat functionality. Bungie has promised many more surprises and improvements in the weeks leading up to the launch of Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below.

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