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Fairy Tail Episode 179 Review: Gray vs. Rufus

As the Grand Magic Games continues, we start off with the cliff hanger that was based around Gray’s current re-match with Rufus. However the noise surrounding this battle consist of if Gray should have been the one to win this fight. If we break down the battle point by point it’s easier to see whether or not the outcome was correct. To start off with, although throughout the games the first master of Fairy Tail has created a strategy to over come their enemies, she decides not to make one for this battle and uses the one of many times in which character have long monologues surrounding the fact that Fairy Tail as a guild are built on the strong bonds between every member and that these feelings are what keep the guild on top and together. As much it is a great teaching to tell the audience it becomes a repetitive line through the episode and many more to come. It quickly becomes obvious as the fight begins along with the help of the rest of the guild that both sides are using molding magic, however in theory Rufus’s memory make magic is far superior to Gray’s opposing ice make magic. Along with this Rufus has also have seven years of training over his opponents due to Gray being absent due to an earlier arch, he can instantly remember magic used against him as well as combine the magic he remembers to create strong combinations to use again his opponent. Even with all of this against Gray seems to be able to use the strong bonds for Fairy Tail to bring out his ‘Ice Make Unlimited’ move which utterly confused Rufus with how quick he is able to change between spells and his memory magic fails on him. After this it is a quick win for Gray. Although this seemed like a cheep way to end the fight, it van be argued that this is a typical battle for a Fairy Tail wizard.

Other than the typical fight we don’t really get much to fill this episode apart from some humor from Natsu, Lucy and Happy while they are walking through the pit. The up side it that this contrast of seriousness to humor breaks you away and back to what Fairy Tail does best: being funny. The only plot development we seemed to get from this disappointing episode is that Happy believes that the guards are watching them and so he decides the best option to get them to show themselves is to use both Lucy and Mirajane as bait however it appears that they are not watching, which makes the last part of this episode pointless and bordering on fan pandering.
Overall this episode was quite disappointing with the lack of plot and general repetition. Although the humor did some what save the episode from complete failure and becoming a filler for the season.