GTA Online Is (Finally) Getting Heists

After many a complaint over the last year, Rockstar has finally given us what we want to hear; Heists will be coming to GTA Online within a few weeks.

Heists will be included in patch 1.18 of GTA 5, and while no concrete release date has been given yet, the patch will be available “shortly” after the release of the title on PS4 and Xbox One on November 18th.

Along with this news, Rockstar gave us a bunch of statistics about the game, titled “GTA Online Census”.

On their official website, multiple info graphics were given to illustrate the success of the Online service. Some highlights include 34 million players participating in a staggering 5.9 million jobs worldwide. Check out the full census data below, and keep it here at Leviathyn for all things GTA.