Assassin’s Creed Unity PC Issues

Ubisoft to fix Assassin’s Creed Unity performance issues on PC

Ubisoft is experiencing technical difficulties, or at least their biggest game of the year is. Assassin’s Creed Unity was released just yesterday and though the critical reviews have been generally positive, several PC players are reporting severe problems trying trying to play the game.

According to several Steam reviews, the game is struggling to run on high-end PCs on the lowest settings among several bugs with the NPCs, flickering shadows and input lag that renders the game unplayable. The game is having similar issues on the PS4 and Xbox One, if the user review scores on Metacritic are any indication.

The Montreal studio has responded on their forums, claiming that the issue is isolated among PCs with AMD Graphics Cards. The official response reads: “AMD and Ubisoft are continuing to work together closely to resolve the issue, and will provide more information as soon as it is available.” They’ve also posted a guide on how to contact them with any performance issues.

Between this and the Watch Dogs graphical downgrade, 2014 hasn’t been the best year for Ubisoft. Hopefully things will turn around next week when Far Cry 4 is released, if Ubisoft continues on this current path, they find themselves wrestling the moniker of “worst video game company” from EA.