Bloodborne Delayed To March 2015

For those hoping to dig into From Software’s newest PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne, it looks like you will have to wait a bit longer than originally planned.

The Dark Souls developer announced today that the release date for Bloodborne has been pushed back from the original February date to March 24th. The developer sites lessons learned from the recent Alpha, and needs time to integrate its learnings from it for a better game experience. Based on what we have seen from Bloodborne, it looks like it will be well worth the wait. Nobody likes delays, but if it means more polish for this ambitious follow-up to the hit Dark Souls series, I’m all for it. This could also create a needed cushion between Bloodborne and another PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886. It is currently slated for February 20th, so staggering them makes financial sense for Sony as well.

On the bright side, From Software promises some “exciting Bloodborne news in early December”. No idea what that could be, but you can bet we will keep you updated on it. What are your thoughts? Smart move to stagger the releases like that, or do you just want Bloodborne as quick as possible (I know I do!). Leave us a comment with your thoughts.