Final Fantasy XIII-2 on Steam

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming to Steam in December

The second installment of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming to Steam. Square Enix released an official trailer today, revealing that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available on Steam on Dec. 11. Just like the release of Final Fantasy XIII, the game will be available at 10% discount, until the release date. The trailer can be viewed below.

In addition to this news, Square Enix has also announced that they will be updating the PC port of Final Fantasy XIII. Details are sparse at the moment but what I can say is that the game will allow custom resolutions, including 1080p which was patched in by fans; currently the game only supports 720p resolution. Presumably, these changes will be included in the PC port of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was originally released in early 2012 (late 2011 in Japan) for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It improved on the many criticized aspects of it’s predecessor including the linear gameplay, the lack of sidequests and the mixed reception of the main characters. For me, Final Fantasy XIII-2 the best game in the trilogy although that isn’t exactly saying much.