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What is Youmacon? A Short Review

It was that time of the year to finish attaching that last segment of craft foam to your armor and spray the clear coat paint on the six-foot sword you are going to wield. That’s right! It’s time for Youmacon, the largest Anime convention in Detroit Michigan.

I’m sure that if you were in downtown Detroit on Halloween weekend you got to see some people dressed in costume, but if you happen to be near the GM Renaissance Center or the Cobo Arena, you were able to see Cosplayers. For that past ten years this fan-run convention has been bringing unique panels, cosplay contests, and special guests to the anime and gaming enthusiasts. Just walking around from the GM Ren. Center to the Cobo Arena you will see thousands, yes thousands, of Cosplayers displaying their custom hand crafted costumes and props. Here you can see the love that we have in our Anime and Games just by the detail and sheer enjoyment everyone has while wearing them. This convention starts Thursday night and runs through until Sunday evening. With an amazing Opening Ceremony and musical concerts this is one Anime Convention you do not want to miss out on.

I was lucky enough to sit in a lot of panels this year that included (but not all);

“Mythology Every Otaku Should Know” which was a nice presentation of how the Japanese Mythology influences Anime and Manga.

“Building a Home Arcade” It’s exactly as it sounds. They showed the steps of tracking down very rare arcade style games and building a gaming room.

“Horror Gaming” An opinion panel of horror video games and what makes them good or bad.

There of course were also the special guests. These are mostly voice actors, artists, and screen actors that come out to share our love of this genre. There are too many to list, but you can check them all out here; . Aside from the time they have set aside for autographs and photos, the guests themselves have panels that they host. Team Four Star ran a panel displaying their newest video of Hellsing Abridged 5 that held over 1,200 fans in the largest ballroom of the Cobo Arena. In that same ballroom a large amount of guests, which included Steve Bennett, Jon St. John, and Ken Pontac played that wonderful game, Cards Against Humanity with audience participation to see who would be crowned the King of Youmacon 2014.

All in all this is one of my favorite Anime conventions to travel to on the Eastern U.S. Being from the Buffalo, NY area this is a pretty long drive to play pretend with some of my friends, but it is always worth it. This year my cosplay was definitely lacking, but I made up for it in content that I will be displaying here over the next few months. I am hopeful that I will be able to segment this content up for you in more detail and give a better description of the Youmacon events before my next Anime convention “Anime North”.

Photoshoot Fairytail

Photoshoot Fairytail