Telltale Games Opens Up About Game of Thrones Title

One of the more interesting pairings in recent memory received a few revealing details today, as Telltale Games dropped a few hints about what we can expect to see from their upcoming episodic Game of Thrones game.

While all of their other episodic games have been split into five episodes, Game of Thrones will be a six-part title. The first episode, entitled Iron From Ice, should be out sometime late this year, and, much like the source material, will feature multiple protagonists over its timeline. Reports from Telltale’s camp have been that the game will feature a “living oil painting” vibe, and though the only real art we have comes from the image above, they have had little problem in the past conforming their art style to the tone of the world and IP.

The Iron From Ice tag is relevant, as it suggests both Winterfell and the Iron Islands, prominent locations from the books. The Telltale website also features a quote from the books, “Trackers and hunters sworn to Deepwood, with names like Forrester and Woods, Branch and Bole.” Forrester has been thrown out as a suggestion as what the leading family could be, and I should note that the emphasis on Forrester comes from the site itself, not my own. Readers may remember Deepwood Motte as an early stronghold for the Iron Islanders during their foray into the North, which presumably ends with *spoilers* Theon convincing the men there to surrender to Roose Bolton. If you have any knowledge of Bolton, you know that doesn’t end well.

No word on an official release date, but all signs indicate that we will be playing the first episode sometime this year. We will keep you posted.