Blizzard Announces New IP, Overwatch

BLizzcon, the convention for all things Blizzard, is happening right now in Anaheim. Blizzard made a surprise announcement yesterday, unveiling it’s first new IP in recent memory. The game is Overwatch, a “team-based objective shooter” in the vein of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and the MOBAs that are wildly popular right now.

The reveal cinematic is a slick affair. The animation style is undoubtedly inspired by Pixar, but still retains Blizzard’s look and feel. It’s playful, colorful, vibrant– especially the extended action sequence, which shows off only four of the 12 characters revealed so far.

A gameplay video was shown in addition to the reveal cinematic. There are a variety of maps that look to span the globe, from an urban center reminiscent of London to a desert location with Egyptian statues. The gameplay is a frenetic mix of first and third-person combat.

Some characters have ranged weapons, while others have melee and other specialized combat options. At least two of the classes can build defensive structures like turrets and teleporters as well.

The special abilities are more varied, including healing auras and x-ray vision to help with sniping. At least one character can climb up walls, while another has a grappling hook for quick traversal.

There’s no word on game modes, but the video introduced some sort of attack and defend scenario with areas for the team on offense to capture. More details will surely be revealed as Blizzcon rages on.