Fairy Tail: Dragon Slayer Generation Confusion

To find out which dragon slayer generation comes up on top we first have to understand what a dragon slayer is and the difference between generations. Dragon slayers harness unique magic which was formerly lost magic only known by dragons: Dragon Slayer magic. The type of magic each individual has depends on the dragon teaching it (For example, Wendy learned her sky magic from a dragon who’d mastered that type of magic. Along with the lost magic, dragon slayers have a keener sense of sight, smell and hearing. However, their magic also grows stronger when they ‘bathe in the blood of dragons’ which means once they kill a dragon their slayer magic strengthens. Once we know this information we can begin to understand why there are generations of dragon slayers and why these differences matter in a battle.



The first generation of dragon slayers learned their magic from dragons (Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel.) Although they were originally classified as the strongest and are still seen as so by the audience, they are often classed as ‘old’ by the other generations of slayers. The second generation dragon slayers were never taught by dragons but rather had dragon lacrima implanted into their bodies, which in turn allowed them to be able to use dragon slayer magic without originally being taught it. This also classes them as ‘artificial’ dragon slayers; both Laxus and Corba are examples of this. The third generation dragon slayers harness the experience of both being taught by a former dragon, along with having dragon lacrima implanted within their bodies.. They differ from the first generation as the lacrima allows them to use dragon force at any given moment. These dragon slayers include Rogue and Sting.

The question still remains, which generation is the strongest? The problem with this is that the first generation slayers happen to be the main cast for the series, which stunts any real theorizing on their true strength. That being said, it easily becomes clear that each slayer has its own strengths. From what is known about both the third generation slayers, they should be among the strongest, however from what is shown of them it seems as if they could be stronger. The other side of the debate is that all of the dragon slayer’s strength depends on their physical ability, skill set and the strength of their magic. So really it’s all up to who you believe to be the strongest and who would that be? Let me know in the comments!

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