Newest Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Translated

For the very few of our readers who aren’t fluent in Japanese, I’ve got some good news.

Over on Kotaku, the latest gameplay trailer for the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV has been translated into English.

The video is part of an hour-long stream hosted by Final Fantasy XV art director Yusuke Naora and world map director Yasuyuki Matsunami. The gameplay starts a minute into Kotaku’s embedded video.

We get to see a little more than ten minutes of the game’s massive open world, as Noctis and his buddies try their best to explore while protecting their perfectly styled hair. We see a wide array of creatures, from gigantic dinosaurs and aggressive elephant-rhinos to a swarm of goblins that attack at night. Fans of the painfully linear Final Fantasy XIII will be overjoyed to see so much open space.

Noctis’ car looks like it will fill the same role as the airships did in previous entries. There will be some areas inaccessible by car, though, so the player will have to strike out on foot to see everything. The forest around the 4 minute mark will be one of those areas.

This area in Final Fantasy XV is called “Duscae,” and it is the same region that will be included in the upcoming demo Episode Duscae. Square-Enix has promised that this demo will be a meaty, multi-hour affair. Episode Duscae will be released with the console version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Type-0 HD is scheduled to be released in March, so anyone awaiting the chance to play a slice of Final Fantasy XV will have to wait just a few more months. Please try and be patient. It’s only been 8 years.