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Destiny’s New DLC Comes With Some Free Content

Recently, we got a release date and details about Destiny’s upcoming first DLC pack The Dark Below. For those who purchase the DLC ($20 standalone, $35 for the first two packs), you can expect a significant amount of content. Click on the link in the last sentence for the full list, but new maps, a higher level cap, new weapons and bounties and some new story missions are all in the works. While that in itself is neat, and could be a huge boon for players starting to wear themselves out on Destiny’s current offerings, a new piece of news from Bungie makes this even more interesting.

Apparently, you won’t need to buy the DLC to get access to all the perks. While you won’t be able to take part in the new missions or maps, you will get access to new weapons and armor, and even a handful of new bounties. Perhaps even more importantly, everyone is getting five free bounty slots as well, which should go a long way towards keeping people in the field longer. If you want to play on the new maps, even partying up with a friend who owns them won’t help, you will have to pony up the dough. Still, it’s nice that players who don’t purchase the DLC aren’t left entirely out in the cold.

One important note is that, although you can get gear with a better light rating, your level cap will remain at 30, while your friends will enjoy the new level 32 cap. I can see some problems arising with the next Iron Banner event, but at least we know Bungie is serious about supporting this game in multiple phases.

The Dark Below DLC will be available December 9th for all platforms.

Source: Bungie