Fairy Tail Episode 180 Review: Garou Knights

After the tremendous flop of the last episode many were looking for some sort of clarity for this episode and it’s fair to say we go it. With a mixture of rich, thought through back stories and flash backs along with high paced battle within the games it’s safe to say this episode made up for the terrible filler that we were made to sit through. The episode starts with the new leader board for the games and we can see that Fairy Tail are first with fifty points with Sabertooth close behind with forty-nine points. With this line up the tension between the two guilds has never been stronger and it shows. Although the tension had becomes stale during the first few days of the games it seems to have been revised with the flash backs of Sting struggling to cope without his friend Lector by his side. Fairy Tail has always been one to create an atmosphere where the audience can not only feel as well understand the guild’s problems but their enemies as well. This has never been as apparent as it is with Sting. That may be due to his history with dragons or the new plot twist which was introduced into this episode, where he must win and beat Fairy Tail to bring back Lector as it turns out he is not dead but in fact transported away by the masters daughter. This new information takes Sabertooth from being a flat, boring guild to have life and makes the interesting once again. It seems as if the daughter of the guild master has inherited his crude humour and general bitterness as she uses Lector’s life as black mail against Sting to win the games.

This makes sense from the perspective of Sabertooth even if it a cruel was of getting what they want. The guild is desperate to win and still be the top guild over Fairy Tail and they will do anything to get to that point, even if it means black mailing Sting and in turn Rogue as they seem to be the top wizards for the guild.

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While the bulk of the above ground drama consist of the Sabertooth and Fairy Tail’s rival, below ground the emptiness continues for Natsu’s team. Along with more dialog surrounding the fact that they are trapped underground, we get some back story for Yukino. Her pasts consist of the tragic story of how once she lived with her parents and older sister, Sorano. While they grew up Sorano protected and supported Yukino as she felt hopeless and useless to her family, which in turn created a scenario where her parents would scold her for it. One day her parents were killed along with Sorano being captured by followers of Zeref and she barely survived the attack alive. It was this tragic event that caused her to pursue a destiny to stop Zeref in any way possible, even if it was to use the eclipse project to stop him from ever rising to power. With now knowing her past it’s easy to understand why she ended up joining Sabertooth and why she would do anything to be able to keep her family from suffering the terrible fate she did, even it is seems quite selfish.

After the flashback the gang come across Arcadios: The king’s knight. They are able to get some information out of him after he wakes up and upon the appearance of the Garou Knights or the Excusers, he explains to them that they are an unbeatable gang who are hired to kill them and have never lost. With Lucy and Yukino useless without their keys, they are not much help. Although this doesn’t make much sense as when Lucy is without her keys she can use her whip, however she doesn’t seem think of this. With the two girls out of commission Natsu and Wendy step up to the mark and once again we witness a two team dragon slayer match and how their magic becomes even more powerful when it combines. With both Natsu’s dragon slayer fire magic and Wendy’s dragon slayer sky magic creates a strong combination. With Fire and Sky magic Vs Plant and Paper magic, it would be easy to presume that Fairy Tail would win the battle however it ends in a draw with the paper magic being a new type of magic.


It becomes apparent that different colours of paper contain different spells and effects. For example the first paper that is shown is white which creates a blizzard and dulls Natsu’s fire and cuts Wendy’s wind. The red paper is a fire spell, which again Natsu thinks he can eat but it is shown that it’s the wrong type of fire, lastly yellow paper is used which contains a spell of light. This magic is quite interesting as it means the caster can theoretically use both holder and caster magic as the paper contains the spells.

After the filler last episode this was a breath of fresh air and brought back all the reasons why Fairy Tail is so popular.