Valkyria Chronicles Getting PC Port

Valkyria Chronicles, the acclaimed hybrid, pseudo-historical strategy game from Sega, is getting a PC port sometime in the near future according to the developer’s recent Twitter post:

Gallia, to arms! Return to the original battle on PC. More info coming soon…

This is good news for those who missed the title during its narrow release as a Playstation 3 exclusive back in November of 2008. The game made a splash with critics, who praised the unique combat system alongside the gorgeous watercolor look of Sega’s proprietary CANVAS graphics engine.

While sales of the original were mediocre, Sega released a sequel, Valkyria Chronicles 2, for the PSP in 2010. A third, Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded History, was a Japan exclusive in 2011.

Sega’s late decision to port Valkyria Chronicles could open up an entire new market to their small but beloved franchise. The first game kicked off not only an anime, but a manga series as well as a run of Drama CDs. Western audiences are clamoring for more, too, as evidenced by the unofficial fan translation released for the third entry in the series.

Valkyria Chronicles should be right at home on the PC, where it will likely find an audience with strategy fans and shooter fans alike. With a brand new coat of HD paint and fixes to some of the game’s odder quirks, this port could be the key to building a larger fan base in America.