The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 3 Recap


The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof kicked off with a great opening scene. Bob has been infected and managed to get the last laugh as the Hunters regurgitated any nutrition they might have gotten from his cooked leg. Naturally, Rick’s group pointed the finger at Gabriel for Bob’s disappearance, and who could blame them? Gabriel’s conscience isn’t plagued with guilt because he is helping the Hunters, but because he refused sanctuary to people, including members of his former congregation.




The episode REALLY grabbed our attention when the bulk of Rick’s group left the church to attack the Hunters, only to open the way for the ever-watchful Hunters to attack the remaining survivors in the church. As the standoff comes to a head, Rick saves the day with a few bullets and a machete, and (mostly) holding true to the source material, ends the Hunters in a spectacularly violent fashion.


After Bob has been put down, Abraham takes his group on the road to D.C. and he and Rick are putting their differences aside for now. It seems, finally like there is a little bit of hope for the world, but that wouldn’t make much a show would it? The episode closes with Michonne hearing a rustling in the woods and out popes Daryl. She asks him where Carol is and he looks behind him and tells someone to “come on out”. The curtain then closes on The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof.

Show vs. Comic- In last week’s recap of The Walking Dead: Strangers, I mentioned that Dale was actually the one to be eaten by the Hunters. In the comic, they also left Dale outside of the church, alive. When the group brought him in, his lover, Andrea (still alive at this point) was the one to kill him, rather than Sasha (not in the comics) killing Bob. Much later in the series, Rick and Andrea develop a relationship, but I highly doubt they would take this rout with TV’s Rick and Sasha.

R.I.P. Bob Stookey- He may have met his untimely demise on the show this week, but comic Bob lives on as the New Woodbury town Doctor. Good luck, Dr. Stookey!